Mute Spectators

Flowery Canopy

Go Green

Keeping Evil Omens Away

These clay mask are sold to keep the "Evil Eye" away. These were sold at a street junction ironically near the SanthiNagar graveyard when I clicked this pics

Todays sky is brilliant over Bengaluru

As I rushed to catch the bus to office today I noticed the clouds in the sky. They were brilliant. Luckly I had my small point and shoot camera with me. Though I was getting awfully late to work still managed to click a couple of shots.
I hate not carrying my DSLR but with all this rush in public buses and stuff, its much easier to carry my point and shoot rather than my DSLR.

An Evening at Udupi

Wake up call on a Saturday morning

Modern day mythological characters decided to pay visit to BTM Layout Stage 2 on a Saturday Morning and woke the whole neighborhood. They were kind enough to smile and strike a pose.

Lazy Stroll

Malpe Beach near the temple town is awesome. It would be hot as hell now so October to December would be the best time to go there. Awesome Food, Awesome beaches.

Advantages of now going home straight after office

On a Thursday evening, I did not rush to catch the bus to home after office and took a stroll on MG Road and ended up in St Marks Church. It was dusk the sun had set and the natural lighting was amazing.

These flowers were lying on th ground and I found it beautiful hence clicked this picture.

A new start