One for the memory

My Friend Natesh clicking the pic of the huge Gopuram of a temple at VenkoJi Maharaj palace at Thanjaur

Thanjavur dolls

Been There Done That

A visitor walks past murals on the wall of the VenkoJi Palace at Thanjavur. The paintings are colored using vegetable dyes . Thanjavur is also famous for its painting using cold and silver threads.

B.T.M. Layout

This is the place I stay in Bangalore, this is also my favorite and Comfortable Zone in Bangalore, its called B.T.M. Layout. A lot of software engineers, many from outside Karnataka call this place home in Bangalore. Rent and cost of living is higher here because of its proximity from Electronic City and other important IT destinations.

A vendor selling souvenirs at Hampi Bazaar

A woman selling colorful Hand stitched wall hangings at Hampi Bazar
Colorfull clothes on display at Hampi Bazaar in Hampi. Hampi was once the seat of power for the Vijaynagara Empire. Krishnadeva Raya was one of the most illustrious kings of the Vijaynagara empire.
Today Hampi is a UNESCO world heritage sites, in and around this small town you can find ruins that were once flourishing towns and markets of the Vijayanagara Empire.


A family of potters in there house at Pottery Town, near Fraiser Town Bangalore

Labor for God

A small kid arranges arranges small clay lamps(divas) on large Copper plates at the "Big Temple"(Brahadeeswara Temple) also known as the Peruvudaiyaar Kovil at in Thanjavur. Thanjavur is a small temple town in Tamil Nadu. It was once the seat of power for the mighty Chola Empire. This Temple was Build by Raja Raja Chola 1 in 1002 AD.

Colorful Bangalore at Commercial Street

Colorful bangles for Sale at Commercial Street

Standing Out

Commercial Street

Commercial Street Bangalore. The house that you see in the Bangalore is an old house and these kind of houses can be seen in many places in Bangalore. Commercial Street is famous for shopping and draws huge crowds during the weekends

Water Drops


After a short drizzle I went out with hopes to find a few Rain drops on leaves and flower, I came across this small bunch of flowers. I liked what I saw and clicked this picture.

Streaks of Glory

I liked the Yellow band of metal stand out on the Red background. Shot this picture using my point and shoot Sony DSC-750.

Colorful Marbles

I am fascinated with colorful marbles for quite some time now. On a gloomy day, after a short drizzle, I placed these Marbles on the red tiles of a office near mine and shot this pic. This picture was shot using a simple point and shoot camera and NOT my DSLR. I was inspired after I read the article by Ken Rockwell that camera does not matters

Nature's Pattern